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Our corporate philosophy

ProPlacement attaches great importance to the use of modern IT technology and therefore not only use the best recruiting programs and the latest cloud solutions, but also social media and CRM tools, in order to most efficiently work for the customer. Our recruiters avoid „IT-supported candidate search“ with quantifiable values. Ultimately it’s about people when recruiting professionals or managers, with an emphasis on the quality and comprehensiveness of the search. Prospective candidates are evaluated by our trained personnel consultants across a range of competencies. In addition, detailed interviews with the respective candidates are conducted as well as a 360-degree recruiting evaluation. Based on this a reliable candidate profile is created derived from an analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses of the candidates in relation to the prospective role. The discreet and prudent handling of confidential data and information plays a major role for our Recruiters. Trust and integrity is a core component of our business and our values.

With the expertise of many years of experience in the field of personnel recruitment and personnel development we offer the opportunity to develop potential and initiate growth through targeted training for employees or the coaching of executives for your business. Likewise, we support companies in the search for suitable candidates for open positions, whilst we consistently adhere to high standards for quality and efficiency on our recruitment process. This distinguishing flexibility and innovation is converted to an effective, entrepreneurial resource for clients. We have a holistic approach to the search process which is tailored to the respective operational needs of the client in the context of coaching and employee training or personnel searches.

Our achievements in the field of human resources development has been driven by an all-encompassing training method that can be applied in different environments and on achieving entrepreneurial objectives on the respective strategic or organizational requirements. For many years we have trained in this manner specialists and managers of different industries and optimize expertise of employees in key positions.

Our optimized entrepreneurial training method is applied in the form of seminars, which deal with content theory and practice of leadership, team building and dynamics, as well as efficient management methods. The focus is on the practical application of the work and psychological insights into the move. The participants are able to examine acquired knowledge immediately in their own workplace and practice on applicability and effectiveness. Potential problems and difficulties of the implementation of leadership, team building or management measures can be immediately analyzed and processed.

Companies looking for new personnel will find in us a flexible and creative partner: efficient, unconventional, to achieve the best possible for our clients with the aim we recruit staff through our extensive network of medium-sized companies, industrial corporations across several sectors. Special emphasis is on Personnel Search for companies with requests for qualified specialists and executives in the fields of IT, finance and accounting.

Here our company philosophy serves as a guarantee of compliance with the highest of standards on the qualifications and capacity of the personnel recruited by ProPlacement.