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Recruiting suitable employees for a company

Recruiting of suitable employees for a company

Recruitment is a core task of the Human Resources division of a company. The quality of the performance of this task can have a high impact on the performance and competitiveness of that company. Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. In order to be able to source highly qualified staff in a competitive labor market the task of recruitment translates to a highly specialized, labor and cost-intensive process. The search is often demanding and can take a considerable period of time until a suitable candidate is found. Specific and customized recruitment techniques that are employed in the process include ensuring that –

  • the potential applicants are of a high quality i.e. making a qualitative pre-selection and save the company significant amounts of time spent reviewing applications  from candidates who are not ideally suited for the position to be filled
  • the recruitment and employment costs are kept low ,
  • the adjustment procedures is optimized in order to keep the recruitment and training period to a minimum
  • a candidate and knowledge pool for future appointments can be established
  • that the procedures for planning, management , documentation and verification of recruitment processes are measurable and can be thus improved going forward
  • the company benefits when using a recruiting specialist with experience, know-how, market knowledge, specific recruitment methods and  a strong sector focused network


Permanent / Contract / Temporary Employment / Executive Search

The recruitment process and the deployment of personnel can be organized as follows:

  • Permanent Placement – finding specialists and highly qualified professionals
  • Contract Recruiting – the rapid deployment of staff for project assignments that are clearly formulated and extend over a specified period
  • Temporary workers – working with temporary employees from temporary employment agencies or companies
  • Executive Search – Top executives or highly specialized professionals sourced in a direct targeted search


RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Increasingly specialized RPO recruitment consultants are used for recruiting. Their tasks include the discovery of potential candidates and associated background checks, pre-selection and the acquisition of these talents often for very specific and critical positions amongst other things. RPO can be used for the search and selection of suitable candidates using different methods, techniques and channels. The following services can be expected from an RPO service:

  • The search of suitable candidates for a specifical position;
  • The partial or total handover of all recruitment activities of the company from a single source;
  • Assistance with the comprehensive recruiting process for the company’s operations on the ground;
  • Completion of all measures of recruiting for time-limited projects;
  • Planning, management, execution, documentation and control of recruitment measures;
  • Cooperation, control and management of third-party services, e.g. in the use of Leihmitarbeitern through temporary employment agencies, companies and others

In all of these outsourced recruiting measures of personnel the consulting company will work closely with the client company and its Human Resources together to ensure that the best possible results can be achieved in the most efficient manner for the entire recruiting process.


Social Media Consulting

The Internet has evolved significantly in terms of finding an employer for many potential applicants for a preferred position and social networks are a popular place to exchange information and opinions. With social media platforms such as Xing, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and so on a social media strategy for a professional web presence is of enormous importance. A poor strategy could lead to a costly loss in terms of image and even give rise to unnecessary and unintended costs. With the right social media strategy specialized contacts can be made, recruiting measures can be directed through the right channels and the company’s reputation and presence can be increased even in the eyes of potential candidates. Use of social media consulting by professional counselors and social media managers will be provided for an optimal Internet presence and a successful targeted online search for recruiting suitable employees.

Management Training

Top executives and middle management need the necessary skills and abilities to achieve the economic and business objectives of a firm. For this reason, the training and qualification of executives or entrepreneurs in various levels of management training is an important source of support for their work. Management seminars provide the opportunity to include the development of the individual’s personality, communication strategy, stress management, assertiveness in the implementation process through to project management and much more. Additionally for the recruiting process and its special demands on executives, management training offers valuable support. Likewise, newly hired employees can learn to prepare in the best manner possible to meet future requirements, particularly useful for leadership positions or highly specialized bodies with specialized management


Satisfaction Survey (the employees in companies of our customers)

Use of a satisfaction survey (the employees in our clients‘ businesses) will ensure that employers and employees fit together well. By avoiding conflict or „internal chatter“, disgruntled employees, disturbances of work processes any resulting additional costs can be avoided. Additionally the satisfaction survey can be used to identify multiple needs and ideas of employees and, where appropriate, to carry out improvements and changes in the company. Satisfied employees are more productive and therefore a decisive component in driving the value of a company. Often, employees openly comment on their wishes and ideas, but also about problems or stressful conditions at work, as they would do to his/her boss as opposed to external recruitment consultants. This additional knowledge can be utilized to increase the market value and the company’s image as an employer to potential applicants.



Marketing for Human Resources

Under marketing, all strategies, activities and measures are consolidated and aligned to the company’s success and should be combined to achieve the corporate goals together in the most optimal manner possible. For Human Resources and thus also for the recruitment of potential new entrants, the marketing of a company may be responsible for the following tasks, among other things, such as –

  • The development of the company as a brand in the labor market (employer branding)
  • The creation of a mission statement or a corporate identity, which identifies with the company’s employees,
  • The development of a corporate culture in which the values ​​and wishes of the employees are reflected
  • Develop marketing activities in the field of corporate communication, such as for press relations, public relations or social media management and other channels of communication.

Furthermore in the planning and implementation of marketing strategies for human resources management, Recruiters offer excellent support with their diverse experience and know-how for the right form of corporate communication with potential applicants or to generate the right appearance of the company’s public image. This includes having a website and the appropriate use of social media channels.


Employer Branding

How a company is viewed in the public domain is important for prospective employees not only in the capacity as an employer, but is also vital to be seen as „brand“, with which its employees identify with. To be able to be identified as a „brand“ in particular for prospective employees, employer branding measures are used. Here, the RPO provider can strengthen this reputation of the company positively. The way a company should be perceived as an employer in the public or for potential candidates is designed consciously and purposefully through employer-branding techniques. Branding measures can also be used on Internet platforms, social networks, in newsgroups or blogs for creating a positive image as an employer for the company.



Assessment Center Consulting

The Assessment Center is a tool/technique for review and investigation of potential employees on their suitability for a post to be filled. Shortlisted candidates over a period of several hours to several days will be tested with different tasks and methods. For assessment observers should use specific methods and predetermined observation techniques during the assessment center process. The service of a personnel consultancy covers all services that could arise in the implementation of an assessment center. These tasks range from designing, creating the tasks for the candidates, the briefing of candidates on the job profile, the design of the implementation of the assessment center as well as the follow-up to the assessment or evaluation according to different criteria and advising the company with the subsequent selection of suitable candidates for the new position to be filled.


Background Check

The Background Check is a core component of any placement and is designed to minimize risks when selecting new employees. Within the framework of legal requirements, such as the Federal Data Protection Act, allows for certain information about a prospective employee’s employers to be identified before hiring. The application documents of a potential employee may not always correspond to real facts and events. This service from professional recruiters is very useful, often because the firm is well versed in this type of research and the legal and regulatory limits around it.

Video Interview

The use of video interviews by an employer or executive by a professional interviewer in a recruitment video is an excellent way to present one’s own company to potential applicants. Video platforms where presentations of corporate videos are in the foreground, as on JobTV24 offer an excellent opportunity to present business information on job vacancies, job profiles and future opportunities for the candidates along with insights into the company itself and to introduce the company’s corporate philosophy and corporate culture. Even on its own home page or social media portals such recruitment videos can be used. The positive projection of its image within the scope of an employer branding strategy can be used, concomitantly with expected questions of potential applicants answered in detail in a scheduled video interview. Professional recruiters as an interviewer know the most important aspects of employer branding and ask precise questions to present the company among potential candidates in the right light. For candidates, a video interview represents a very good opportunity to introduce oneself to potential employers in a short self-presentation. A selection of candidate videos allows the hiring manager or the person in charge of the recruiting manager or the personnel consultant to very quickly recognize the potential suitability for an advertised position.