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The advantages of our Recruiters


ProPlacement leads first to the customer a detailed discussion to determine the professional and personal requirements of the desired specialist or manager. In our Recruiters our Professional recruiters have very good knowledge regarding the current situation in the labor market. By interposing our Professional Recruiter results in a higher objectivity between the candidate and the future employer, resulting in the same results in a reduction of errors in the selection of professionals and executives. Finally, the Professional Recruiter is emotionally completely unbound and can the client’s interests well represented accordingly. To meet the Professional Recruiter based on structured needs analyzes and a professional and personal competence survey a pre-selection of possible candidates, which he presented to the customer. From the available range of candidates then the customer makes the final decision on which candidate is most suitable in his opinion for the vacant position. Especially when a customer during the vacancy at first do not want to be publicly named, can thus be ensured that the candidate for first only the benefits of clients are in the foreground, without knowing this name. Because with a recruiting attention of our personnel consultancy is always directed to the outstanding features of the customer in terms of its USP (Unique Selling Points) highlight specific target groups. Thus, the advantages over the competition best position and find the best candidate for the customer. If our personnel consultancy tasked with recruiting new specialists and managers, our customers can meanwhile use their free resources for other business matter sensibly.

Our Professionals

ProPlacement support companies primarily in recruiting specialists and executives and accompanies the customer from the needs analysis to the search and interview accompaniment through to salary negotiations and the follow-up. Each client also has a personal Professional recruiters as direct contact.

Regional specialization

Our Professional recruiters specialize in a region and not only know the local job market, but also know where to find the best candidates for the customers in the area.

Industry Professionals

In ProPlacement the Professional recruiters have always specialized in one sector and are technologically trained, so that they can ensure a prior examination of the technical expertise of the respective candidates. This means for the customer at the same time better quality and time savings when recruiting specialists and executives.

360 degree Recruiting

The 360-degree Recruiting is based on different survey methods based on different collection methods in order to create a comprehensive strengths / weaknesses profile of the applicants, since the competencies and services from different perspectives are recognized. Using defined criteria occurs the systematic testing and evaluation of the available information, which are supplemented by observation and questioning of the applicants. The customer receives a final report.

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